see that girl you just called a lesbian? is she? can you help me get her number?


current mood: oprah running on hot coals


stupidinsect: oooh are we talking about astrology?? do me do me talk about virgos and dont just say we're perfectionists


pft haha well


  • a very feminine sign.
  • are the actual queen divas of the whole zodiac horoscope family happytree house thing
  • fierce af.
  • if virgo was a dress. she’d be that risque black dress you’d only wear to get your ex jealous at a club.
  • literally thinks very highly of herself and knows she’s the shit.
  • goes home and eats ice cream while screaming/crying at her favorite movie/drama/music group/artist
  • ends up spilling random liquids on herself when no one’s looking.
  • was literaly born with black eyeliner and red lipstick on. wearing prada.

and if you’re a guy or just very guyish well

  • all of that, except replace the girl stuff with video games, or art. that and you guys love to have the upper hand on people all the time haha. and yeah Helen. You guys ARE perfectionists, since y’all pay so much close attention to small details.


kyungsoo ain’t having that chapped lips shit, he about lip balm, hydration, life, salute a real nigga when you see one