what the fuck is sports anime. today a guy threw another guy a ball and i almost started crying.

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url: kjngn

name: kalina

nickname: lina

birthday: august 26th

sex: female

sexuality: ummm

height: 170cm

time and date: 23:06, 140830

most used phrases: gag on my eleganza

last thing you said to a family member: goodnight

favorite beverage: coffee

first word that comes to mind: spinach

place that makes you happy and why: my bed. because comfy

number of blankets you sleep under: 1

last movie watched at the cinema: 22 jump street

3 things you can’t live w/o: headphones, dogs, pics of f(x) victoria wearing that black short wig

something you plan on learning: driving

piece of advice for your followers: gag on my eleganza

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